Why Pro Se Parties and Self-Represented Individuals Are Turning to a Florida Document Assistant

A Florida Document Assistant helping pro se parties and self-represented individuals prepare Florida legal forms and legal documents

Prose parties and self-represented individuals are turning to a Florida Document Assistant to help them with their legal documents at enormous rates. Equal justice under law means everyone should be provided access to our legal system regardless of an individual’s economic status.

As such, South Florida Document Assist came to be to help Floridians acting as pro se parties and self-represented individuals prepare Florida Legal Forms and Florida Legal Documents in almost any uncontested legal matter that may arise.


People ask if a paralegal can help them with their legal problems. The answer is No. Only a lawyer can help you with a legal issue. A nonlawyer can only sell you a pre-printed form and type in the information on the documents with the information you provide.

Legal Aid for Probate

Legal Aid and legal services offices are all around the State of Florida. However, there needs to be more funding to serve all the legal needs of low-income consumers. People generally think that Legal Aid is a free service; however, it is usually based on your income, and there is generally a waiting list to speak to an attorney. Even then, they may only be able to help you if you qualify.

Also, after all the attorneys offering their help pro-bono, it still does not begin to address all the people who still choose to be self-represented or act as pro se parties who need assistance with filling out Florida Legal Forms and Florida Legal Documents.

Can I Hire South South Florida Document Assist

South Florida Document Assist does all work remotely via phone and email so that you can get legal forms assistance from the convenience of your home or office without ever having to go anywhere. This allows us to provide our legal doc prep services to self-represented individuals, pro se parties, and business entities in all 67 counties, including 283 cities throughout Florida.

What if I am Self-Represented and Later Decide I Need an Attorney?

Many people think their case is simple and they can handle it alone. Although every person has the right to self-representation, know that as a nonlawyer, you represent yourself. A nonlawyer cannot give legal advice or represent you in court. If your case starts simple but becomes more complicated than anticipated, you can hire an attorney later. What the heck? Why not give it a try?

You can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, in legal fees by representing yourself and hiring a Florida legal forms specialist to help.

So, the next time you are searching for a Florida Paralegal Service, Florida Paralegal Service Provider, Florida Paralegal Company, or a Florida Paralegal Service Near Me, you may find instead a Florida legal document preparer or a Florida legal forms specialist who is really what you want.

By utilizing the services of South Florida Document Assist, our mission is to help self-represented individuals throughout Florida have the confidence and the ability to afford nonlawyer document preparation services by representing themselves in court where they may not have thought they had those options otherwise. 

We provide document assistance with the following:

    • family adoption
    • summary administration – probate
    • estate planning – last will, power of attorney, and health care directives
    • paternity
    • uncontested divorce
    • name change
    • small claims
    • temporary custody
    • ladybird deed
    • eviction
    • early termination of probation
    • LLC startup

So, while shopping for your next Florida legal document preparation company to assist you with your Florida legal forms, consider why South Florida Document Assist should be your number one choice. We have almost three decades of experience in preparing all kinds of Florida legal documents and Florida legal forms. We are very proud of our 5-star reviews and happy customers who continue to provide us with referrals statewide.

This content does not constitute legal advice or establish an attorney-client relationship.

If you need legal advice, please get in touch with a lawyer immediately.

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