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woman holding a magnifying glassSouth Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC, is a Florida Limited Liability Company doing business as South Florida Document Assist. We provide self-help, nonlawyer document preparation services. We are not a law firm, attorney, paralegal, law clerk, or legal assistant; we do not provide legal representation, legal advice, or legal advocacy in any way, shape, or form. Since we are not attorneys, no attorney-client relationship is established using our services.


Our mission is to help our customers and the general public to have the confidence and the ability to afford nonlawyer document preparation services by representing themselves in court where they may not have thought they had those options otherwise.

Using our website and our services is in no way a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Should you need legal advice, you can obtain it through your own research or consultations with licensed Florida attorneys specializing in law where you seek to represent yourself. Our services will only include typing of forms, clerical tasks, and procedural assistance based upon the detailed instructions by our customers. For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions on this website which includes our payments and refunds policy by clicking here


We streamline the clerical process so you can handle your own situation if and when you need to be self-represented in court. Using our services is “at your own risk” concerning the outcome of any legal issue, and we are not responsible for the results of any matter.


Customers are responsible for reviewing their documents for content, errors, or omissions, and we will make any corrections to clerical mistakes if brought to our attention. You are responsible for proofreading and approving any legal documents before filing.


Since we only act as your clerical assistant, we are not responsible for any liability, claim, injury, errors or omissions, damage, or loss because of using our services or our website. There is never any warranty or guarantee, implied or otherwise, for the success of any legal matter when hiring our company to assist you in preparing forms.


Using our website and services means you are looking for something other than legal advice from our business. There will never be any legal advice provided by any member of our company under any circumstances whatsoever because no one in our company is qualified to give legal advice. If you are looking for the advice of a licensed Florida attorney, you should immediately leave this site and find an attorney. You can find a lawyer through the referral service of the Florida Bar by clicking here.


If you decide to use our services, we will ask you to sign a “Notice of Limitation of Services Provided and Disclosure From NonLawyer” form. Signing this form will be formal knowledge of your understanding of this disclosure and our services.


We encourage you to be completely informed about the risks you take by representing yourself in Florida courts. The Florida Bar has published on their website a consumer pamphlet: Hiring the Right Person to Help Me With My Legal Problems. You should read this if you contemplate using a nonlawyer instead of a licensed attorney. It explains why Document Preparers working with the general public are not permitted to use the title of “Paralegal” unless supervised by a licensed Florida attorney responsible for their work.